Discover our CDP Offices and Spaces throughout Italy

Discover our CDP Offices and Spaces throughout Italy

A network comprising 27 sites throughout Italy to respond to the needs of enterprises and public administrations, as well as to strengthen historic collaborations with key regional players such as banking foundations, financial institutions and trade associations.

The 13 CDP Offices and the 14 Spaces located at shareholder banking foundations and local Chambers of Commerce act as operational points of reference where it is possible to meet Group’s professionals and learn about our products and services: loans, guarantees, equity, as well as financial and technical support and consultancy activities for the public administration.

Not only – as part of the Spazio PA and Spazio Imprese events held at our premises, it is possible to attend workshops, seminars and meetings to explore the CDP offering, also in collaboration with local partners. 

The Roadshow
To enhance our ability to listen and support the territory, and to ensure a constant dialogue, CDP has launched the national Roadshow – a series of meetings held throughout Italy dedicated to the manufacturing world and local authorities. An opportunity to discuss resources and projects for the sustainable development of the country.

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