Development cooperation: job training in Albania

Development cooperation: job training in Albania

CDP has signed a Financial Agreement with the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Albania to promote a high-level vocational training system and increase the job market

Quality education, good jobs and economic growth are respectively number four and eight on the list of the United Nations’ 17 Sustained Development Goals. CDP, which has always been at the forefront of promoting sustainable economic development, reaffirms its commitment to fostering a high-level training system and fair employment environment with its work in the field of International Cooperation.

To accomplish this, the Albanian Ministry of Finance and Economy entered into an agreement worth 5 million euros in support of a government program to provide vocational training to young people and adults and increase the employment offer through a series of active policies.

The focus of the program concerns the development of multifunctional centers equipped to offer job training and bring professional practices to people active on the labor market. More specifically, the initiative signed in Albania will allow for the creation of a center in the agri-food and agricultural transformation sectors, while at the same time reinforcing existing multifunctional spaces.

The final objective is to facilitate the meeting between job demand and supply and lower the school dropout rate, in compliance with European standards related to vocational training.

With this new operation, CDP confirms its international commitment as a Financial Institution for Development Cooperation and manager of the Revolving Fund, working to support a fundamental sector for every path of economic and social growth: education.