Development Cooperation in Guinea and Vietnam: new initiatives for the health system

Development Cooperation in Guinea and Vietnam: new initiatives for the health system

Two new financial agreements to support the Republic of Guinea's national health system and promote the improvement of the health conditions of Vietnamese city Tay Ninh

Rome October 8, 2018

Guinea and Vietnam are are two countries affected by the new initiatives of Development Cooperation promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and financed with the resources of the Rotational Fund for Development Cooperation managed by CDP.The two valuable projects are part of the United Nations SDGs number 6: Clean water and Sanitation.

Guinea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance signed a €20 million agreement to support a program aimed at improving health services through the rehabilitation of health infrastructure, equipment services, supply of materials and drugs, staff training, and technical assistance to Guinea’sMinistry of Health.

The program will directly support all health workers with training courses, and indirectly Guinea’spoorest segment of the population, which will benefit from improvements in the health sector.

With Vietnam CDP signed a €9.7 million agreement with the local Southeast Asian country’s Ministry of Finance to fund a program dedicated to the rehabilitation of the waste water disposal network in the city of Tay Ninh in southwest Vietnam, where raw sewage is released causing high levels of pollution. The program financed through the agreement will help with the rehabilitation and construction of a drainage network, the construction of new disposal infrastructure and a treatment plant, and the provision of specialized equipment for the authorities and workers of Tay Ninh, to ensure the proper management of drainage and waste water treatment systems.

The initiative will benefit both the inhabitants of the city and the employees of the local management entity - the Tay Ninh Water Supply and Sewerage Company - who will take advantage of a specific training activity management, operation, and maintenance of new infrastructures.