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Development and Cohesion Fund Investment Loan

We contribute to the fulfilment of investments that are eligible for the use of the development and cohesion fund resources, encouraging the quicker use of resources.

Who it's aimed at

Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces (Circular CDP No. 1280/2013) that have applied for or have already been awarded a contribution, intended for the full or partial fulfilment of an investment using the Development and Cohesion Fund (Contribution) resources.

How it works

With the Development and Cohesion Fund Investment Loan, we offer financial coverage assurance (including possible fees charged to your authority) for the fulfilment of public works, starting from € 5,000 enabling their start and rapid completion.
The loan amount is disbursed based on the supporting expenditure documents, during the period of use which ends on 31 December 2025, with the possibility of extending it to the entire duration of the loan.
The disbursed sums must be repaid upon receipt of the Contribution, without any additional charge.
The start of the amortisation period can be brought forward if the investment has been fully made and the residual share to be paid by your institution will be reimbursed in a maximum 40 six-monthly instalments.

How to apply/ Where to apply?

Apply online at Local Authorities and PA Portal

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