Fondo demolizione delle opere abusive | CDP

Demolition Fund For Unauthorised Works

We grant advanced for the public demolition of unauthorised works

Who’s it for?

Municipalities (CDP Circular n. 1254/2004 and n. 1279/2010)

How does it work?

Through the Fund for Demolition of Unauthorised Works, we support the sustainability and environmental protection for the regions of our country, by granting advances, without interest, for the demolition of illegal works, as ordered by the judicial authority.

With a maximum endowment of 50 million euros, the Fund has a revolving nature and no minimum access threshold is envisaged.

Advances of expenses incurred for demolition interventions must be reimbursed, together with the costs of managing the fund, within 60 days of actual collection by those responsible for the unauthorised works or after 5 years from the concession.

Where to apply?

Apply online at Local Authorities and PA Portal

Would you like more information?

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