De Matteis: durum wheat pasta with a close focus on sustainability

De Matteis: durum wheat pasta with a close focus on sustainability

From CDP, a medium-long term loan for the pasta plant in Campania

One of the major Italian producers of durum wheat pasta with integrated supply chain management is De Matteis, a company strongly anchored to its territory but with a significant presence on foreign markets too.

The plant is located in Campania, on the slopes of the Apennines, connecting to the main durum wheat growing areas between Irpinia, Apulia and Basilicata. For its premium brand, Pasta Armando, the integrated production cycle starts from the link with over 800 companies that supply 100% Italian high quality wheat, which is then selected and processed in the company mill. 

De Matteis' growth also means a strong presence on international markets, where 85% of its turnover is generated. Results that are achieved with a considerable focus on sustainability, both through the reduction of plastic in packaging and the construction of a cogeneration plant, which produces about 80% of the energy required.

CDP supported the company's development plans in the medium and long term, also for investments in research and development and in energy efficiency. Its collaboration with the De Matteis Group begins with the “Grano Armando - Zero Residui” supply chain project, which aims to create an increasingly competitive and sustainable Italian food supply chain.