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Culture Fund (MiC)

We provide technical support and assistance to the Ministry of Culture (MiC) for the use of state resources from the "Culture Fund", based on a special agreement between CDP and MiC.

Who’s it for?

Public entities referred to in Article 1 of Law No. 196 of 31 December 2009, which meet the requirements set out in the call.

How it works

€30 million of state resources have been allocated to support investments and other measures for the protection, conservation, restoration, use, enhancement and digitisation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
More information about the Fund can be found on Ministry of Culture website.

How to apply

Apply on the CDP website by selecting “Culture Fund ”, after completing the appropriate registration.
Public entities may apply individually or as a partnership. In the case of applications submitted by a partnership, the authentication procedure is exclusively reserved for the lead applicant.

For more information see the Guide to Accessing the Culture Fund, available here and on the Ministry of Culture website.

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