Culture and sport: a new vocation for Brescia

Culture and sport: a new vocation for Brescia

The city’s Art Gallery has been renovated and an athletics track has been built thanks to financing from CDP

A city famous for its industry is seeking to change its nature. Brescia’s successful candidature, along with Bergamo, as Italian Capital of Culture 2023, is a major step in this direction. This is Brescia, a city of around 200,000 inhabitants that recently saw the inauguration of a new CDP Group office, in the super- central Piazza della Loggia.

The purpose of the second leg of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti roadshow was not only to present the Group's instruments and projects for businesses and public administration bodies, but also to celebrate its strong links with the Brescia area.

The partnership with the municipality of the city led CDP to provide its support in the development and restoration of the Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery, with the Group financing the completion of the facilities. The museum - which was fully renovated in 2018 - is home to a collection that ranges from Raphael to Lorenzo Lotto and Canova, and which serves to strengthen the city's cultural offering for inhabitants and tourists alike.

However, the initiatives to improve quality of life in Brescia went even further: indeed, the construction of the San Polino “Gabre Gabric” athletics track was co-financed by CDP. The facility, which is open to local sports clubs, is located on an area spanning approximately 32,000 square metres, and also includes green spaces, car parking and changing rooms.

These are important projects for the local area, designed to enhance the cultural and sporting heritage of the city with a view to bringing people together and promoting a sense of community, bearing witness to CDP's commitment to the sustainable development of Italian cities.