Computer security: the agreement between CDP and the State Police

Computer security: the agreement between CDP and the State Police

CDP and the State Police have signed an agreement to promote the security of information systems and services

Rome, 12 July 2019 

Security is a central issue for Cassa Depositi e Prestiti’s activities.

Savings management and financial support for businesses and the public administration, in fact, require particular attention to the protection of sensitive data and the integrity of digital infrastructure.

To strengthen its commitment to these issues, CDP has signed an agreement with the State Police to promote the security of information systems and services.

Thanks to the agreement, signed by CDP’s Chief Executive Officer, Fabrizio Palermo, and Chief of Police-Director General of Public Security, Franco Gabrielli, it will be possible to start a synergistic project to contribute to CDP's corporate protection. The agreement, in particular, will make it possible to:

  • share and analyse information suitable for preventing and counteracting attacks or damage to CDP’s IT infrastructure;
  • report emergencies caused by threats and incidents to telecommunication services;
  • identify the origin of the attacks against critical infrastructure in the country, with possible repercussions on the networks managed by CDP;
  • to create and manage a flow of communication to deal with possible crisis situations. The initiative is an integral part of the activities promoted by the Ministry of the Interior to strengthen measures to prevent cybercrime, through the signing of agreements with operators who provide essential services. In this context, the role of the Postal and Communications Police is fundamental, which, through the National Criminal Information Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure, is daily committed to ensuring the integrity of the computer network within the strategic structures for Italy.