The CEPS-CDP Policy Workshops are back. A debate in Brussels on InvestEU

The CEPS-CDP Policy Workshops are back. A debate in Brussels on InvestEU

With the aim of triggering more than €370 billion public and private investment until 2027, the InvestEU Programme was launched by the EU to foster long-term competitiveness and growth. It is structured around four policy windows: (i) sustainable infrastructure; (ii) research, innovation, and digitalisation; (iii) SMEs; (iv) social investments and skills.

The Programme envisages a significant role for the National Promotional Institutions, such as CDP, as partners of the European Commission in the definition and implementation of policies and financing schemes. 

This was the topic of the third policy workshops jointly organized by CDP and CEPS.

Representatives of the European Commission and the National Promotional Institutions, including Lorenzo Fidato (Head of Advisory, CDP) and Massimo d' Eufemia (Head of European Affairs, CDP), participated in this event, titled "Investing in the future of Europe: InvestEU and the role of National Promotional Institutions". 

The panellists emphasised the need to adapt the financial instruments of InvestEU to the different national contexts. As a matter of fact, this critical point could be addressed in the next year's mid-term review, which could streamline implementing rules and increase the amount of resources to be invested.

Furthermore, all participants agreed that more should be done to ensure the blending between the InvestEU resources and the grants from other EU funding programmes (e.g., Horizon Europe, CEF, EIC, etc.), in addition to the existing resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs).

In this context, National Promotional Institutions can play a key role thanks to their in-depth knowledge of national and local investment ecosystems and needs as well as their expertise in catalysing additional resources from the private and public sectors. 

For those wishing to learn more about the topic of the event, the entire workshop is available in replay on the CEPS YouTube channel.