CDP-Talent Garden: a bridge to Silicon Valley

CDP-Talent Garden: a bridge to Silicon Valley

A joint venture to create a hub in California dedicated to the development and innovation of Italian companies. The new space will be open for the end of the year

Rome, 14 February 2018

With the aim of making Italy more competitive, CDP has launched €600 million in projects including ones that support venture capital and technology transfer. Now to that list CDP adds collaboration with Talent Garden, the largest platform in Europe of networking and training for digital innovation.

CDP and Talent Garden will set up a joint venture to offer innovation and digital growth to the most dynamic Italian companies, through the creation of an Italian innovation hub in California.

A physical space, bridging Italy with Silicon Valley, where companies, investors, startups, universities and institutions can work and grow, meeting major global players in various sectors of interest for the Italian market.

The project’s main objective is to promote networking of the Italian system, facilitating the change of corporate culture for a greater propensity to innovation, and working to fill the digital gap that separates Italy from other major global economies.

According to forecasts, the new San Francisco space will open by the end of 2018. From that moment on, the Italian innovation system will take advantage of a new growth opportunity: SMEs will participate in training programs to increase skills; Italian venture capitalists, incubators and start-ups will have the opportunity to connect with Silicon Valley; large Italian companies will have a further place to scout ideas and technologies.  Finally, the Italian training system will be able to work to create a "bridge" with universities and research laboratories.

The Californian hub of CDP and Talent Garden will therefore represent a place where all the actors of innovation will be able to seize new growth opportunities.