CDP: working alongside Italian municipalities for 170 years

CDP: working alongside Italian municipalities for 170 years

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti supports the National Association of Italian Municipalities.

CDP confirms its commitment to the regions and local authorities during the 37th National Assembly. It’s an important commitment, especially at this time when the Covid-19 emergency has created new challenges for municipalities.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti is launching the "Italia Comune" project to celebrate this connection, displaying CDP commemorative plaques as a mark of the Group’s long-standing relationship with the regions and local authorities. This relationship has made it possible to build and renovate over 250,000 projects in the last twenty years. Schools, theatres, libraries, hospitals, churches, buildings, museums, sports centres and many other facilities that improve the daily lives in Italian municipalities, have been built under the banner of sustainability and innovation.

The pilot phase was launched on CDP’s 170th anniversary and saw the installation of the first 400 plaques. The projects and regions have been described using photographs, videos and factsheets which are already on the website, which has a new look. It has interactive charts and an updated section dedicated to Public Administrations, where you can find details of all the different services available, from financing to consultancy and strategic projects.
"Italia Comune" is also a way of illustrating the history of Italy, which develops through the daily commitment of local authorities to their fellow citizens.

"The emergency caused by Covid-19 has created new challenges for the country, but CDP stands with Italy, today more than ever, by continuing to invest in tomorrow," said Fabrizio Palermo, CEO of CDP, recalling that "CDP is aware of the importance of the challenges that start from the regions and is heavily involved in promoting and accelerating infrastructure development, always working alongside local authorities.