CDP with the Local Government: Roadshow 2017

CDP with the Local Government: Roadshow 2017

Nine stops from northern to southern Italy to meet local authorities and present new measures for the financial management and administration of real estate assets

Turin April 11, 2017

CDP’s Roadshow 2017 kicks off in Turin on April 11, with eight more stops through the country’s north and south.

“Cassa depositi e prestiti con il territorio” is a series of meetings with local government administrators who will have the opportunity to learn about new tools promoted by CDP to support local authorities’ financial management and administration of real estate.

Among the themes are the Renegotiation of Debt and Prestiti Fondi Europei, two measures that allow institutions to actively manage debt and gain easier access to European Union funds. Debt renegotiation permits municipalities to restructure indebtedness for 2017. During the nine Roadshow stops, CDP representatives will discuss all the details of benefits from rescheduling mechanism to procedures for meeting online applications submission deadlines.

Prestiti Fondi Europei, is the new financial product sponsored by CDP to facilitate the organizations in accessing European Union funds dedicated for the implementation of investment projects.

In addition to financial measures, attention will be devoted to the presentation of solutions for the management of real estate assets owned by local authorities, such as the application VOL, a tool focused on the development or sale of public buildings.

After Turin, the Roadshow will stop in Aosta (April 12) : a tour from Italy’s north to south to reaffirm CDP’s commitment to local authorities.