CDP with Prato for the energy efficiency of schools

CDP with Prato for the energy efficiency of schools

Activities made possible by CDP lending from 2015, have reduced consumption by 36%

The 10-year long partnership between Prato and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti began when the Tuscan city decided to cut consumption and be a leader in energy efficiency.

This goal has been achieved with the city’s public building energy consumption now down by 36% compared to 2015. Prato is a city that has grown steadily over the years and it decided to do this without neglecting its responsibility for the environment and people's needs. The path it took focussed on quality of life and was firmly anchored to the concept of functional urban planning, firstly concentrating on schools as the most important centres for young people.

"We decided to take a path of quality for our school system and we redeveloped the external structure of three school and two nursery buildings" explained Giovanni Nerini, Head of Energy Policy of the Municipality of Prato.

Environmental awareness is part of the city's DNA and has been furthered by the administration headed by Mayor Matteo Biffoni, reinforcing the Tuscan municipality’s strong connection with the concept of sustainability.

This process was carried out through lending from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which made €2.58 million available to the city. Works for the construction of schools are an important part of CDP's commitment throughout Italy. This commitment involves constant support for renovations and earthquake safety works, but also for the construction of new public buildings and the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Working for the local area means investing in works aimed at the growth and well-being of communities, activities in line with the objectives of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which has always been focussed on promoting the future.

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