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CDP: the Shareholders’ Meeting approves the amendments to the Articles of Association. New activities for the promotion of sustainable development and for the sustainable growth in size of Italian enterprises

19 March 2019, Rome

Cassa depositi e prestiti (CDP) announces that with the approval today of the amendments to its Articles of Association by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting, the promotion of sustainable development and the initiatives for the growth of the Italian companies become an important part of the intervention strategy of CDP.

Following this amendment, CDP will be able to provide financing for the promotion of sustainable development and to finance business combinations and acquisitions of enterprises to facilitate their sustainable growth and expansion, in Italy and abroad.

The inclusion of financing for investments for the promotion of sustainable development will enable CDP to also produce positive social and environmental impacts through its activities. Through the new Business Plan, Cassa depositi e prestiti will, for the first time, direct its strategic and operational approach towards the principles of sustainable development, which now represent an essential horizon not only for institutions, but also for enterprises, the general public and the financial sector. In this regard, Cassa depositi e prestiti intends to make a proactive contribution to the achievement of the objectives set by the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda (signed by Italy) and by the Italian National Strategy for Sustainable Development. The amendment to the articles of association is the first tangible operational step in this direction.

With the second amendment approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting, CDP will further strengthen its support for the development of Italian enterprises, by focusing its range of action not only on the financing of investments, but also on the financing of business combinations and acquisitions, both in Italy and abroad. Cassa depositi e prestiti will therefore seek to make a concrete contribution to the sustainable growth in size of Italian enterprises, with a view to achieving greater competitiveness, overcoming the fragmentation of the production structure, and strengthening the expansion of Italian enterprises in international markets.

The Shareholders’ Meeting, in ordinary session, awarded the audit engagement for the period 2020-2028 to Deloitte & Touche Spa.

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