CDP supports public administration bodies: new impact financing model and Green Loan presented

CDP supports public administration bodies: new impact financing model and Green Loan presented

Over 3,100 entities supported in 2022 with transactions worth €5.5 billion

Over 1,300 public administration representatives registered for CDP's digital event dedicated to the new financing model for public administration bodies and the Green Loan.

The new model is closely linked to one of the new features of CDP's 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, which introduced a third element, besides risk and return, in its assessment of investments, namely impact – and not only economic impact, but of a social and environmental nature too.

This important evolution involves the entire business and has led to a new model for granting and managing loans, aimed at local authorities, national public entities and regions.

For CDP, the public administration is a key sector for the development of Italy and local areas. The portfolio currently includes more than €81 billion in loans; in 2022 alone, CDP supported over 3,100 entities with €5.5 billion.

For each project funded, additional information will be requested that will allow transactions to be analysed in relation to specific areas and sectors through an automated process. This will make it possible to assess investments more effectively and gain an overview of best-practice activities for local areas in terms of impact (e.g., improving the quality of life of citizens and essential public services for local communities).

This is an evolution of the existing financing model: many of the required tools and information are in fact already in the possession of public administration bodies.

And, in order to further encourage investments that meet sustainable development objectives, at the event CDP presented the new “Green Loan” aimed at public entities. The product features more favourable interest rates, made possible due to €200 million worth of funding from the European Investment Bank. The objective of the new product is to support investments by public entities that have positive environmental and social impacts with significant financial savings for the entities themselves.

More information on the new impact financing model and the Green Loan can be found at: Meetings will also be organised in local areas on these topics, and our experts can be contacted on the free number (in Italy): 800 020 030 and at a dedicated e-mail address: