CDP Supports Local Authorities: A New Gym Near Rome

CDP Supports Local Authorities: A New Gym Near Rome

The small town of Montecompatri has created a multifunctional space with gymnasiums and green areas to host the sports and recreational activities of students

Rome September 12, 2017

With the aim of promoting the future of localities, CDP contributed to the realization of a multifunctional gym space at Montecompatri, located in the scenic Alban Hills, a short distance east of Rome.

Thanks to the granting of an ordinary fixed-rate loan totaling €1.26 million, the municipality is able to construct a multifunctional gym with 1400 square meters of indoor and outdoor space capable of accommodating a variety of activities. Children from the Paolo Borsellino Elementary School will be able to spend hours of physical education without having to go out into the street. In fact, the gym is right in front of the school and can be reached through an internal passage to ensure the student’s safety.

The gym welcomes the kids of Montecompatri to play basketball, volleyball, and take part in karate classes. With the help of CDP, the 12,000 inhabitants of Montecompatri can enjoy the benefits of the new multifunctional gym, a space for education, sports, and sharing.