CDP support Euroguarco with the Sustainable Growth Fund

CDP support Euroguarco with the Sustainable Growth Fund

Industrial seals, insulation and piping systems: these are Euroguarco's fields of activity, the company was founded in 1958 in La Spezia and has become a national and international reference point for the industrial market over time.

The story of the Ligurian firm meets that of the CDP Group thanks to the Sustainable Growth Fund, the fund from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti that enables manufacturers to access funds dedicated to innovation, research and development, through the Revolving Fund for Enterprises (FRI).

With the resources made available by the fund, Euroguarco has embarked on a growth path, identifying innovative materials which can be applied to traditional production.

What are the characteristics of the tool used by the company?

With the Sustainable Growth Fund, created in collaboration with MISE, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti offers subsidised loans to enterprises engaged in industrial activities, craftsmen and innovative start-ups.

The Fund enables companies to make investments in innovation and sustainability. Thanks to the resources, Euroguarco has been able to explore new solutions in the field of traditional production.

The history of Euroguarco has always been characterised by a drive for innovation: Since its first years of operation, the La Spezia based company has embarked on a significant growth path, expanding its horizons from the domestic to the international market, thanks to the creation of partnerships with major manufacturers around the world.

CDP participates in this innovation path through its products, confirming its commitment to the business world, central to the new 2019-2021 Business Plan.