CDP's first US Roadshow kicks off in San Francisco

CDP's first US Roadshow kicks off in San Francisco

CDP launches its first Roadshow in the United States and has opted to kick things off in California, the Silicon Valley state, cradle of digitalization and the tech-economy, with a three-day Venture Capital event.

From 7 to 10 February, workshops and one-to-one meetings with US financial and institutional funds and investors are scheduled in San Francisco. A view on Italian Venture Capital, the central event, will be held on February 9th, organized jointly with the Italian Consulate and the Italian Innovation and Culture Hub to showcase CDP's strategy to support innovation.

The Roadshow was set up with the aim of attracting international capital and building a network of links with key players from Silicon Valley and funds from other US states interested in the initiative. This is all in support of Italy’s ecosystem of startups and innovative SMEs and to strategically position the country on the continental Venture Capital market.

The sector has grown significantly in Italy in recent years, as the figures show: investments rose from €600 million in 2020 to €2 billion last year. The growing maturity of start-ups is attracting strong interest from foreign investors, primarily from the United States, the leading venture capital market globally with $238 billion in investments and approximately 18,000 deals closed in 2022.

The role of CDP Venture Capital, which supports market development and our best start-ups with plans for international expansion, is part of this. Since 2020, it has invested €1 billion in 10 funds and aims to manage capital of €5.3 billion by 2024.

It’s all eyes on the San Francisco Roadshow, which is just the beginning: the next stop will follow soon on the East Coast.