CDP presents a Loan for upgrading city outskirts

The new financial instrument enables beneficiaries to obtain funding to upgrade city outskirts to a schedule and with financing already approved, ahead of state resources as they become available. 120 projects with an overall value of 3.8 billion euros

Rome, 25 July 2017

CDP confirms its commitment to the territory through the new "Loan for Upgrading City Outskirts", the financial instrument that will foster improvements in degraded Italian city outskirts.

The product, just launched, will enable beneficiaries of the "Fund for the implementation of the extraordinary programme for the upgrading and safety of city outskirts” to acquire the funding required to start work immediately and to complete the approved investments on schedule, ahead of the state resources as they become available.

Beneficiaries include all provincial capitals, the local authority of Aosta, large cities and some local authorities in city areas who have been granted state funding by the Fund. The initiative will include a total of 120 projects with an overall value of about 3.8 billion euros (2.1 billion from state resources and the remainder from public and private sources).

Projects include improvements in city fixtures and fittings, improvements in structures and infrastructure to increase social inclusion, educational/didactic services and the reuse of public areas and existing buildings.

Through the new financial product, CDP supports local authorities and makes an active contribution to achieving one of the 17 sustainable development goals set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda: to make cities inclusive, safe, lasting and sustainable, improving quality of life. Another way #wepromotethefuture.