CDP on the Front Line for Sustainability and Cooperation

CDP on the Front Line for Sustainability and Cooperation

Contributions to combating climate change and two new transactions for economic and social growth in Tunisia and Senegal


Rome October 4, 2017

CDP marks an important step in promoting sustainable development in the fight against climate change, through support of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC). Two contributions of totaling  €224,000 were granted to the Center to support specific initiatives in Belize (Central America) and St. Kitts and Nevis (Caribbean), within the framework of the Convention between CDP and the Ministry of the Environment’s Directorate General for Sustainable Development, for Environmental Damage and Relations with the European Union and the International Organizations.

Belize-based Carribean Community Climate Change Center  coordinates all project initiatives in the Caribbean to counter the environmental impact of climate change and global warming. Funded programs are designed to create opportunities for sustainable development through the timely analysis of climate change on the environment.

CDP is also involved International Cooperation as the managing director of the Revolving Fund for Development Cooperation. In this case, the beneficiary countries are Tunisia and Senegal.

A €50 million financing agreement with the Central Bank of Tunisia was signed to support the balance of payments through the purchase of a soft loan of Made-in-Italy services destined to the Tunisian public sector. The new financing contract, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, provides partial financing for public investment in health, school, environment, and culture through the acquisition of Italian goods, facilities and services.

Furthermore, a €10 million financial agreement signed with the Senegal Ministry of Economy and Finance aims to ensure quality, fair, and inclusive education, promoting leaning opportunities through the improvement of the school system and the elimination of disparities. The initiative works to improve access to basic education for the West African nation’s children.