CDP, KfW and CDC together for the future of Europe

CDP, KfW and CDC together for the future of Europe

The three national promotional agencies have sent a joint letter to their respective Ministries of the Economy and Finance indicating their willingness to contribute to the debate on the future of the European Union

Rome, 24 July 2017

CDP, CDC and KfW are ready to cooperate on defining a common position for France, Germany and Italy on the priorities of the Monetary Union, on which the three Ministers of the Economy and Finance are currently working. This was communicated in a joint letter sent by the representatives of the three European Funds to the Ministers, expressing their willingness, as long-term investors, to contribute to the debate on the future of Europe, launched by the European Commission.

In particular, the 3 national promotional agencies said they would strengthen the cooperation between national and Community institutions, benefiting the entire European Union, faced by unprecedented political, economic and social challenges.

Although focused on their own specific frameworks, CDP, CDC and KfW intend to act as a bridge between European political objectives and the needs of the community. This began with implementation of the Juncker Plan and the launch of the Marguerite Fund, two initiatives for which cooperation between the three agencies was fundamental in terms of finding resources and contributing to improving the impact on investments, growth and employment.

Furthermore, as national promotional agencies, CDP, CDC and KfW aim to cooperate on the creation of social and sustainable infrastructure, support innovation and foster both the circular economy and the growth of SMEs.

Within this framework, the imminent opening of shared CDP, KfW and CDC offices in Brussels is a concrete step in the direction of cooperation.

Just one of the ways #wepromotethefuture of Italy and Europe, alongside other European Funds.