CDP Increases Innovation Funds for Sustainable Industry

The resources of Fondo Rotativo Imprese (targeting "Industria Sostenibile") reaches €425 million from €350 million

Rome March 7, 2017

CDP’s support of research centers and start-ups continues with the €75 million increase of resources targeting “Industria Sostenibile”,one of the recent measures of the Fondo Rotativo Imprese (FRI),  a fund that supports research and innovation projects  - essential tools to promote Italy’s competitiveness.

Beneficiaries are granted access to FRI’s €425 million of soft loans - at the rate of 0.8% and a maximum maturity of 11 years.

High demand promoted FRI to increase its resources. The fund received 57 applications for a total of €333 million in less than one month.

CDP strengthens support for innovation and research with the expansion of resources, in synergy with the banking system.