CDP Group finances Pomì’s foreign growth

CDP Group finances Pomì’s foreign growth

€15 million from SIMEST to Casalasco Consortium, a leading chain of Made in Italy tomato products

Rome, December 14, 2016

CDP Group promotes the development of Italian products in foreign markets, supporting the growth industry excellence in the food sector. SIMEST entered the capital of Casalasco Tomato Consortium, historical  agricultural owner of the Pomì brand.

Founded in 1977, Casalasco Consortium is made up of a network consisting of 370 associated Italian companies operating in the cultivation, processing and packaging of tomatoes sold under private labels and international brands. The secret of Casalasco’s success is the guarantee of quality and safety in all stages of production.

The Consortium is the flagship of Pomì product line, the result of a 100% Italian production distributed in more than 50 countries.

The transaction resulted in a capital increase for Casalasco, one of the largest groups for the private label sector in the world, which was fully subscribed by Simest, for a total amount of 15 million euros (equivalent to 25% of the share capital). Thanks to this funding, the consortium will be able to support a project of expansion in overseas markets of North America, Asia and the Middle East, characterized by a strong growth in demand.

The agrifood is a strategic sector for the Italian economy contributing to export growth and the positioning of Italian products in foreign markets, relying on big brands recognized worldwide excellence.

CDP Group supports the development of companies in the food sector with Sace and Simest promoting its presence in foreign markets, in accordance with the Business Plan 2016-2020.