CDP Group Buys Minority Stake of Bonifiche Ferraresi

CDP Group Buys Minority Stake of Bonifiche Ferraresi

The 50 million euro investment will help fuel the Italian farming giant’s growth in Italy and abroad.

Rome February 20, 2017

CDP Group, through its CDP Equity subsidiary, entered in Bonifiche Ferraresi Holding capital, supporting the growth path of the largest hubs of agricultural services.

The transaction will be completed following of a series of steps leading to the delisting of Bonifiche Ferraresi and the consequent listing of the Holding.

CDP Equity will invest 50 million euros in the operation using a convertible bond. After a successful IPO, CDP Equity bonds can be converted into a 20% equity stake.

Due to CDP’s help, Bonifiche Ferraresi will grow, consolidating its leadership in the Italian market and seizing opportunities for foreign expansion. The CDP Equity investment is in line with parent company CDP’s Business Plan and will serve to ensure functional resources for future development of the historic Italian company, which will implement new activities, such as processing and marketing of products for large retailers and support agri-food support services, a sector with significant strategic importance for the Italian economy.

Founded in 1871, the company was initially active in the reclamation of lakes and marshes, and in the purchase of land in the vicinity of Ferrara. Today Bonifiche Ferraresi is the largest Italian company by land surface (6500 hectares), as well as the only agricultural company with shares traded on a European stock exchang.

Promoting the adoption of innovative agriculture, capable of putting high-quality sustainable food products on consumer tables and improving the excellence of the Italian agro-food sector, Bonifiche Ferraresi produces numerous raw materials, from corn to soybeans, from plants medicinal to vegetables.