CDP Group: approved the consolidated results for the first half of 2018

13 miliardi di risorse mobilitate a favore dell’economia. Risultati economici positivi e confermata solidità patrimoniale

  • New lending volumes to support the economy: New volumes by the Parent Company CDP SpA for over € 8 bn and around € 13 bn at Group level (approx. € 12 bn and € 16 bn respectively in the 1st half of 2017, characterised by a transaction of significant amount)
  • Positive economic results: Net income equal to € 1.4 bn for CDP SpA (+13% vs the 1st half of 2017) and € 2.2 bn for the Group (-10% vs the 1st half of 2017, characterised by a non-recurring income component)
  • Sound capital base confirmed: CDP SpA equity amounting to € 23.7 bn and Total equity amounting to € 35.4 bn, slightly decreasing as a result of the distribution of dividends (respectively € 24.4 bn and € 35.9 bn as at 31 Dec. 2017)


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