CDP Group Aids Mechanical Industry Growth

CDP Group Aids Mechanical Industry Growth

Thanks to SIMEST support, Lombard company IMR Automotive Spa, specializing in the production of components for car bodies, looks for new opportunities in Europe while expanding manufacturing

Rome March 30, 2017

CDP Group supports the growth of the automotive sector with a new SIMEST operation that helps the European development of Lombardy-based IMR Automotive Spa, producer of components for car bodies.

The CDP subsidiary, representing a hub for exports and internationalization together with sister company SACE, has signed an agreement to acquire the Industrialesud Spa of Teramo, a company active in the production of components for cars interiors. SIMEST’s €7.5 million- investment represents an important catalyst for IMR Automotive Group’s European growth, placing it among the most important players in the sector. Thanks to the deal, the company will open to a complementary sector for its core operation and acquire new customers with the goal to double sales by 2021, bringing it to over €400 million.

Industrialesud Group is already active on the European scene with two factories in Jawor (Poland) and Olesa (Spain), as well as with seven logistics centers near production plants of major customers in Italy and Europe (Maserati, FCA, Alfa Romeo, Seat, to name a few).
Through the latest SIMEST operation, CDP Group remains committed to supporting Italian companies in their exploration of opportunities offered by foreign markets, in accordance with CDP Business Plan guidelines.