CDP \green\: €288 million for sustainable development since the beginning of 2016

CDP \green\: €288 million for sustainable development since the beginning of 2016

CDP Group’s commitment to sustainability continues

Rome, July 1, 2016

Launch of a new sustainable financing: CDP Group subscribed to 125 million euro issuing a Green Bond by Alperia, a multi-utility company operating in the Trentino-Alto Adige, whose proceeds will be used to refinance the acquisition of a portfolio of hydroelectric plants located mainly in the region.

For CDP this is the latest investment in a "green" project. In fact, alerady this year 288 million euros has been invested to  support activities that promote environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Other investments were as follows:

  • 21 million euros to finance the public lighting of the municipalities managed by Hera Luce and so reduce CO2 emissions;
  • 42 million euros for the modernization of the the Milazzo refinery in order to bring down dust emissions and reduce the consumption of gas fuels in the production process;
  • 100 million euros secured by FCA Bank euro to renovate environmentally friendly company fleets (eg. Electricity, LNG, diesel EUR 6) of important Italian companies and public administration.

A commitment to sustainability is one of the key points of the 2010  CDP Group Business Plan, which acts as National Institute of Promotion to contribute to the construction of infrastructure and support the environment.