CDP Foundation: Launch of the second call for proposals of "Schooling for the Future"

CDP Foundation: Launch of the second call for proposals of "Schooling for the Future"

The CDP Foundation announces the launch of the second edition of the "Schooling for the Future" call for proposals, with resources totaling 1.5 million euro, aimed at projects tackling the issue of school dropouts.

Leveraging the success of its inaugural phase, which enabled the identification of four significant projects, including two in the Mezzogiorno region - thanks in part to a budget increase exceeding 150,000 euro, Fondazione CDP, a non-profit entity under the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group with Giovanni Gorno Tempini as Chairman and Francesca Sofia as General Manager, is renewing its commitment to fostering youth social inclusion, with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness and impacts of its initiatives in this field.

Among the most notable changes is the prioritisation of projects focusing on the issue of early school dropout, targeting youths who leave school without obtaining higher than a secondary education certificate and without having attained any other educational or vocational qualification, as well as the obligation to involve at least one school as a partner in the projects. The age bracket for girls and boys participating in the proposed initiatives has been decreased, enabling the inclusion of projects involving primary schools in years III, IV and V.

Projects, to take place in Italy, can receive funding between 250,000 euro and 400,000 euro, must be submitted by the 4th of July and should implement educational activities integrated into the school curriculum, designed to inspire and involve students, particularly those identified as at-risk of dropping out; additionally, the projects should facilitate extracurricular initiatives such as summer camp and engage the local communities while offering training to both teaching and non-teaching staff regarding school dropout prevention.

The call for proposal is open to third-sector organisations, national and international non-governmental organisations, non-profit entities, voluntary groups, social cooperatives and social promotion associations.