CDP for the territory: the new headquarters in Verona

CDP for the territory: the new headquarters in Verona

The CDP Group has inaugurated the first of its new territorial offices: an operational reference point to respond to the needs of businesses, local authorities, and citizens

Verona May 14, 2019

Proximity to the territory, integrated offer to CDP Group products, direct comparison with stakeholders are the objectives that led to the opening of the Verona office, the first of our new territorial offices.

They respond to an innovative vision: no longer representative offices but operational reference points, capable of responding to all the needs of businesses, local authorities, and institutions.

With this new approach, the CDP Group has launched an integrated model, which provides for the creation of a territorial network with the presence of professionals dedicated to offering all products: financing, guarantees, venture capital, and private equity, as well as consulting activities financial and technical.

Verona is therefore the first step in a much broader path of opening new offices in the coming months to create a meeting place with all local stakeholders to create products that are increasingly adapted to the needs of the territory.

The inauguration of the Palazzo Giusti headquarters also represented a moment of dialogue and discussion between the professionals of the CDP Group and the representatives of local institutions on issues related to support for the public administration and business community.

At the event Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini reiterated the centrality of Cassa depositi e prestiti to guarantee the growth of local authorities, the main protagonists of the country's development.