CDP for social cohesion and tourist attraction in Ischia

CDP for social cohesion and tourist attraction in Ischia

Urban redevelopment and school building on the island of Campania

The creation of a solid community for citizens and an opening up to tourists. These are the principles behind the projects in Ischia with the financial support of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

Projects range from urban redevelopment to school buildings, starting with the new bridge to access the Aragonese Castle and the seafront. Works have been carried out both on the cliff and the bridge walkway and lighting, improvements to an asset of great monumental and tourist value, making the walk much more enjoyable.

Again with a view to greater urban space usability for tourists and citizens, Piazza degli Eroi, has been upgraded. It is the entrance point to the upper part of Ischia’s historic centre and an important social meeting place. The works are part of a wider overall redevelopment of the historic centre to improve the quality of services and the tourist capacity of the area.

Collaboration with the Municipality is also central for the construction of the Gianni Rodari primary school. The role of CDP has guaranteed the co-financing of the institution to be supported by the regional and ministerial funds for the realisation of the initiative.

Enhancing the value of cultural heritage and human capital, sustainability and social cohesion are the basis of CDP's activities in local areas, providing financial resources and technical expertise to improve the quality of life of citizens and the attractiveness of places

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