CDP for SMEs in Emilia Romagna: the launch of the EuReCa Fund

Conceived in collaboration with the region, the new CDP initiative facilitates the granting of guarantees by Confidi, supporting access to credit for small and medium-sized businesses.

Rome, 19 March 2018

Operations have launched for the EuReCa Fund , a new platform created as part of a collaborative project between Cassa depositi e prestiti and the Emilia Romagna region to facilitate access to credit for local small and medium-sized enterprises through the support of the Confidi system .

The so-called "Confidi," which operates a system of guarantees that enables loans to be granted to local companies, are supported in turn by the counter-guarantee provided by this new fund. The initiative is set to make around €150 million available to the system, and will provide backing for more than €175 million in investments.

In order to access the services provided by the EuReCa Fund, the relevant Confidi must present their expressions of interest by 19 April 2018.