Finanziamento Panda Bond a EuroGroup Laminations | CDP

CDP finances the growth of the EuroGroup Laminations group in China

Growth on the Chinese market and investment in new high-tech plants and machinery for the production of electric vehicle parts for the local market.

This is where the 80 million Chinese Yuan (approximately €10 million) advanced through Panda Bond funding to Euro-Misi Laminations Jiaxing is destined. The company is a subsidiary of the Milanese group EuroGroup Laminations, a world leader in the production and distribution of stators and rotors, essential electric motor and generator parts.

With a turnover of over €410 million and around 2 thousand employees, the company boasts 52 years of experience across a very diverse range of sectors, from industrial to domestic applications: ventilation, pump, train, wind power and automotive, the latter is now in full development phase during the current transition from thermal to electric motors.

With a strong presence and 12 factories on the main international markets (Europe, North America, China and Russia), EuroGroup Laminations has become a reference supplier for some of the world's most important car manufacturers.

This loan is CDP's contribution to the company’s growth path and its ambitions to become a leader on the Chinese market, as it is already in Europe and America.