CDP-EIB MIDCAP LOAN: all the details | CDP


Medium to long-term financing for your company with subsidised funding provided by the European Investment Bank, to support investments

Who it is aimed at

Medium-sized and large enterprises with a consolidated number of employees between 250 and 3,000.


How it works

We provide your company with secured or unsecured medium/long-term loans, including in the form of bond issues, at advantageous conditions using the subsidised funding line provided by the EIB to support the following:

  • investment in research, development and innovation;
  • investments in energy efficiency, promotion of sustainable development, green economy and environment;
  • growth programmes for internal lines.

The investments must relate to new investment projects not yet started and which will be carried out mainly in Italy.
Investment projects of up to €25 million will be eligible for EIB funding of up to €12.5 million or up to 100% of the project costs eligible for EIB funding if less than €12.5 million.
Investment projects above €25 million and up to €50 million will be eligible for EIB funding up to 50% of the project costs eligible for EIB financing.


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