CDP by the side of AFV Beltrame, the European leader in merchant bars

CDP by the side of AFV Beltrame, the European leader in merchant bars

A 25 million loan for the growth of Veneto's oldest family business

Over a century of smelting iron and turning it into steel which has been used all over Europe and the Mediterranean basin for bridges, railways, oil tankers and even the Eiffel Tower.

When Antonio Beltrame founded the 'World-Class Electricity-powered Mechanical Plant and Foundry' in 1896, he could not have imagined that his company would become the European leader in the production of merchant bars used in buildings, civil and industrial construction, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding.

The AFV Beltrame Group’s leading position has been achieved thanks to its continuous drive for innovation and its century-old culture of productivity and quality. Six plants and 2,046 employees in four countries (Italy, France, Switzerland and Romania), with three steelworks and eleven rolling mills, enable it to market 2 million tonnes of rolled products per year to 40 countries around the world and generate a combined turnover in excess of one billion euros.

Among the cornerstones of this all-Italian success story are product quality, environmental sustainability, worker safety and energy saving, which Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has decided to support with a loan totalling 25 million euros. The funds will be used to support the external growth of the Vicenza-based company and increase its competitiveness and production volumes, with the aim of consolidating its leadership both in Italy and abroad. 

This loan is in line with CDP's aim of supporting Italy's best businesses, which, despite the difficult economic situation heightened by the health emergency, continue to pursue growth projects and plan investments to support competitiveness, both in Italy and abroad.