Sostenibilità e maggior competitività per l’Interporto di Padova con CDP | CDP

CDP brings sustainability and increased competitiveness to the Padua Interport

Major automation project for the Veneto hub accomplished thanks to our contribution

The Padua Interport is an intermodal and strategic logistics platform for freight traffic in the Triveneto region and towards Eastern Europe – an imposing facility that handles about 400,000 containers per year.

The virtuous relationship with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti allowed the company to realise an ambitious project: become one of the first in Italy and Europe to acquire five huge gantry cranes, entirely electric and with the sensory equipment required to be controlled remotely. The Interport, which operates as a local public company, succeeded in completing the automation project and as such meet its own energy efficiency targets.

An essential technological upgrade necessary to compete at international level, and put in place thanks to Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which has supported the company through a commitment to enhance the Veneto hub’s sustainable means of transport. A driving force for the overall development of the Padua Interport, which will be able to manage traffic spikes on trains and road vehicles more rapidly by optimising routes and movements of goods, and for the growth of the region’s socio-economic fabric, which has always been highly export-oriented.

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