CDP at Urbanpromo: the future of our cities

CDP at Urbanpromo: the future of our cities

Social housing, urban development and promotion of tourism. Find out more about our wide range of "Projects for the Country"

Rome December 5, 2017

Urbanpromo "Projects for the Country" brought the debate on urban transformation to La Triennale di Milano. Meetings, discussions and innovative exhibitions like NUB: New Urban Body, an interactive event looking at the extent to which our city lives are changing. The latest and most interesting initiatives by public authorities and private companies to improve the quality of life in our cities were presented at the event: CDP Investimenti SGR also presented many of the CDP Group’s projects for the country.

Social Housing

Social housing is now common in many Italian cities. Combining new housing needs with forms of co-living and co-working, social and smart housing offers new residential opportunities under rent control, but also spaces for socialising, sharing and work. The CDP Group is using Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare (Fund for Living -FIA) and FIA2 - managed by CDP Investment SGR - to increase the supply of affordable social housing for anyone who hasn’t found a house on the market that meets their needs. So young families, separated parents, workers and the elderly, who usually struggle to find accommodation that meets their economic and functional needs, now have new innovative and affordable opportunities.


In recent decades, European cities have experienced major transformation. They are now driven to rationalise space to save land to meet the changing needs of urban life and population growth. This is leading above all to the replacement and redevelopment of already built-up areas. Following the re-use of industrial plants, more recently abandoned public buildings, and in particular former military zones, now represent major redevelopment opportunities.

In this context, CDP Investimenti SGR plays a leading role, responding to the new demands of the local area by supporting the redevelopment of old public buildings. Through Fondo Investimenti per la Valorizzazione, the CDP Group has acquired a set of brownfield sites from public bodies and is overseeing their transformation and disposal on the private housing market. The works are carried out in cooperation with local councils, which CDP provides with the instruments to support the regeneration of our cities.

In 2017 CDP Investimenti Sgr announced two international competitions for the redevelopment of the former Sangallo military hospital in Florence and the former Sani barracks in Bologna. With a total of 126 project ideas received, the two competitions have now concluded. Thanks to designers Fabrizio Rossi Prodi (Florence), Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara (Bologna), the old military buildings will be turned into new urban complexes, accommodating new housing, offices, gardens and social spaces that will meet the needs of the public.


Italy is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the tourism sector offers big growth opportunities. This is why CDP Investimenti Sgr has created Fondo Investimenti per il Turismo, which aims to raise around 1 billion euro to invest in specialised real estate funds in the various sectors of Italian tourist infrastructure.

The CDP Group uses FIT to promote the development of the tourism industry, helping businesses evolve their business model through the separation of real estate property ownership from management. This allows owners to free up capital to be used in new projects and at the same time attract new competent managers capable of maximising the value of tourist accommodation. To date, the Fund has acquired five resorts in famous Italian holiday destinations - mostly in southern Italy – with a total capital investment of 92 million euro. #wepromotethefuture of the city system.