CDP at the national real estate conference “Re Italy”

“Real estate comes together to build the future" is the slogan of the event held at the Italian stock exchange and sponsored by Assoimmobiliare, which held its general meeting at the same time.

The conference, which brought together the real-estate financing community, both public and private, opened with a speech by Aldo Mazzocco in his dual role as Chairman of Assoimmobiliare and CDP’s Head of Group Real Estate.
The panels discussions covered all the hot topics in the industry, from real-estate privatisations to Smart housing, and from NPLs (regarding CDP’s investment in the Atlante fund) to recent legal and tax changes in the real-estate industry. The debates were much enjoyed by the conference’s largest ever attendance, with 800 certified attendees in Milan – a record for the event.

Speakers at the conference included Giovanni Maria Paviera for CDP Immobiliare and Marco Sangiorgio for CDP Investimenti Sgr.