CDP Assembly Anci: Development as a Common System

CDP Assembly Anci: Development as a Common System

CDP Chief Gallia to address meeting of thousand of italian cities, towns

Bari, October 12, 2016

The 33rd   Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani (Anci) opened with 160 exhibitors and 700 delegates attending from all over Italy.  Italian President Sergio Matterella inaugurated the event by addressing the association,  which represents more than 7,300 Italian municipalities. CDP's Chief Executive Officer Fabio Gallia will speak on Friday 14 October.

Topics under discussion at the October 12 – 14 conference encompass many of today’s most important issues: managing the flow and costs of immigration; the Italian budget stability law that constrains spending by local authorities; urban security; the fight against inequality;  investing in culture;  the value of health and social welfare. Above all, the Anci National Assembly will be the time to promote more effective management of public administration through virtuous a financial system and sustainable economic strategies.

To  promote these synergies, CDP is present in Bari with an exhibition area dedicated to local administrators who can receive support on the best use of the many tools available to them - loans to real estate development. On Friday, CDP’s Fabio Gallia is scheduled to give a speech, "A Common Agenda for development: proposals for business."