CDP, Ansaldo Energia and Snam team up to combine sustainable energy sources and digital applications
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CDP, Ansaldo Energia and Snam team up to combine sustainable energy sources and digital applications

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), Ansaldo Energia and Snam signed a preliminary collaborative agreement, aimed at identifying, assessing and jointly implementing innovation projects in the energy sector, particularly relating to the digitalization of networks and plants, the research and development of hydrogen as an energy source, and energy efficiency.

The agreement was signed in Rome today by the CEOs of CDP, Fabrizio Palermo, of Ansaldo Energia, Giuseppe Zampini, and of Snam, Marco Alverà, with the aim of launching joint initiatives.

Areas covered by the agreement include:

  • digitalization (robotics, Big Data use, and Cyber Security);
  • monitoring and predictive diagnostics for complex networks and systems;
  • energy efficiency of plants, consumption, and distributed generation;
  • R&D activities in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector and into the use of hydrogen in domestic, industrial, and electrical production sectors;
  • potential synergies between electricity and gas.

Ansaldo Energia and Snam will share their technical expertise by launching dedicated workgroups on fully industrialized activities, innovative themes and applied research topics. From an economic and financial perspective that is consistent with their institutional mission, CDP will support projects that have a positive impact on the country's interests.

CDP's CEO, Fabrizio Palermo, said: “The agreement signed today marks a new stage in our journey to supporting energy transition. It renews a close collaboration with important entrepreneurial entities linked to the CDP Group, and provides innovative and flexible network solutions to support the use of energy from renewable sources. It will also help to promote the results of technological research, which have made it possible to reach ambitious efficiency targets. This agreement will further our efforts towards achieving Sustainability objectives in the energy sector.”

Ansaldo Energia's CEO, Giuseppe Zampini, stated: “This agreement enables Ansaldo Energia to put its experience in plant digitalization, diagnostics and predictive maintenance to good use. It will collaborate with Snam in order to facilitate additional developments in the hydrogen sector, which will be increasingly important for both accumulating energy from renewable sources and for generating electricity. In this context, CDP’s support will make it easier to attain challenging objectives identified by both countries, and will result in Country System growth in the environmental sustainability sector.”

Snam's CEO, Marco Alverà, commented: “This agreement allows Snam and Ansaldo Energia to combine their expertise and technologies. With the support and contribution of CDP, they will develop innovative energy projects, from the use of Big Data and artificial intelligence, to the development of hydrogen and new energy saving solutions. Working together as a system, we can capitalize on new opportunities for sustainable growth that come from the energy transition process to benefit our companies and the whole country.”

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