CDP and the territory: promoting tourism in the South

CDP and the territory: promoting tourism in the South

Through funding provided to the Sellia local authority, the small town in Calabria will become the First Adventure Village in Europe

Roma, 18 July 2017

To generate shared economic and social value and help local authorities to get the most out of their projects: this is the purpose of the CDP funding provided for “Village Adventures” in Sellia, a small town in Calabria in the province of Catanzaro with a noble medieval history and breath-taking surroundings (including Sila Piccola, Soverato and Le Castella).

An important tourist area that was close to skipping out Sellia and its 500 inhabitants altogether, until it became the First Adventure Village of Europe, returning it to its rightful place. Lovers of entertainment and outdoor sports will find a range of games and fun activities including the "Salto di Trischene", with Quick-Jump technology, 50 feet high, for climbing and jumping, the 130-meter long “Tibetan” bridge with its fantastic views and a series of Acrobatic routes on several platforms. True to our mission and the aims of the Industrial Plan which specify constant support for growth in the territory via funding for local authority investments, CDP decided to contribute to an original and ambitious project.

Specifically, the funding provided to Sellia included the construction of a cableway in 2011, later integrated into the sports-adventure circuit in the park. With a new name, Flying over the Village, it takes tourists on a 500-meter flight at a top speed on 70 km/h over the medieval village, using a full-body harness and dual pulleys (so, completely safe). It is the second longest cableway in Italy and enabled the village, over the following years (2013-2014) to obtain European funding in the tourist sector and to create an entire park which aims to be the leading venue in Italy and Europe for quality adventure and sports tourism.

The active role of CDP in this project is in line with our mission which includes involvement in concrete projects able to generate value and benefits for the community in which we work, promoting the territory via tourism, socially, culturally and environmentally with a positive effect on employment.

This is the future we want to promote for the country, increasingly sensitivity to the needs of the territory, its people, and the development of Italy. In this way #wepromotethefuture

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