CDP and the Municipality of Rome for social housing

CDP and the Municipality of Rome for social housing

A new social housing project is presented in Municipio IX of the Capital

To create a system of services for housing and common areas that transforms a cluster of houses into a local community: social housing arrives in Rome with "Santa Palomba Città Dinamica", the ambitious project that will redevelop a total area of 75 thousand square metres in Municipio IX of the Capital. Thanks to the financial support of CDP Investimenti SGR, the Santa Palomba Social Housing Fund will be able to create 950 dwellings of which more than half will be available on rent-controlled leases for 15 years, 15% under rent-to-buy schemes and 30% through subsidised sales.

The work will be concentrated within the south-east quadrant of the Municipality of Rome, near the railway stations of Pavona and Cancelliera and not far from the Pomezia railway station. A new project that reinforces what has already been achieved in the area. In Italy, social housing is created through a national programme supported by the CDP Group.

To date, a total of 3 billion euros have been invested to build over 20, 000 homes and 8, 500 beds in university residences:  this is the 3rd largest investment programme in the world with a social impact and it was created in support of public housing policies to provide a concrete solution for those who, due to their socio-economic status, are unable to benefit from public housing (so-called "council housing").

The Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, the Councillor for Urban Planning Luca Montuori, the Director General of CDP Investimenti SGR Marco Sangiorgio, supported by the Director of the Social Housing Fund, Giordana Ferri were present at the press conference for the presentation of the project. On the occasion of the announcement, the Palazzo degli Esami opened its doors to "NUB: New Urban Body - Experiences of urban generation", the travelling exhibition that recounts the most interesting experiences of housing at an international level by means of interactive displays.