CDP and the Ministry of Education working together to promote young talent

CDP and the Ministry of Education working together to promote young talent

Scholarships and immersive financial training: "Star school students” receive prizes

Rome November 9, 2017

The “Fuoriclasse della scuola” (Star School Student) initiative, now in its second edition, aims to promote young talent, supporting them on their educational journey and strengthening their economic skills.

From mathematics to physics, from the natural sciences to Italian, including philosophy and new design, the 43 star student project winners - students in the final three years of secondary school – did their schools proud in this Olympics of educational and technical subjects. CDP also participated in this year's event, awarding three scholarships: Alessandro Seccarelli for physics, Giovanni Interdonato for statistics and Paolo Battellani for computing.

Thirty-two donors worked alongside CDP, including Fintecna, SACE and SIMEST who shared this desire to promote the excellences of Italian schools, in support of merit and talent. The initiative emphasises the value of education as a key element for the growth of personal and professional skills by supporting star students with more than just cash prizes. Indeed, a special feature of “I Fuoriclasse della scuola” is the enhancement of the excellence of schools with the acquisition of the economic skills necessary for the full development of young people in life and work.

This is why the talented students will participate in a meeting at LuissEnlabs, to learn about the startup ecosystem at first hand, and why they will have three days of full immersion at the “Museo del Risparmio” (Savings Museum) of Turin exploring the themes of conscious management of money, the development of self-entrepreneurial skills and the world of work.

Supporting young talent is the best way to promote the future. This is why we are at the forefront of initiatives to encourage young people in their process of growth and development of new knowledge, which is essential for a successful future. #wepromotethefuture