CDP and the main National Promotional Institutions for venture capital in Europe

CDP and the main National Promotional Institutions for venture capital in Europe

Startups, innovation and sustainable growth: these are the main themes of the new study of the Nationational Promotional Institutions

Brussels, 9 december 2016


Technology, innovative business models and Venture Capital: these are the main themes of the new study conducted by the National Promotional Institutions of the major European countries (Bpifrance in France, British Business Bank in the United Kingdom, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti in Italy, Instituto de Credito Oficial in Spain and KfW in Germany). The research entitled "Building momentum in venture capital across Europe" is based on the statistical and financial data thanks to the contributions of national experts of the individual markets.

Accessing venture capital small innovative companies can obtain the fundings needed to grow. In modern economy one of the key factors for the sustainable development is guaranteeing the access to the capital market for all small businesses and startups. Using new technologies and new business models it is possible to improve efficiency and productivity, contributing to the future of the european economy.

Proposing a single European model of venture capital based on the US experience, the study identifies four main action areas: increasing the funds to be used for financing operations; reducing the fragmentation of the venture capital market; increasing the quantity and quality of funding requests; predicting the exit strategies for venture capital investments. Activities at european and individual states level are provided to implement the suggested actions.

The study was presented during the debate organized in Brussels and which involved more than 100 participants from the European Association of Long Term Investors (ELTI), European Investemnt Fund (EIF), Invest Europe and University of Oxford.  Edoardo Reviglio, Chief Economist of CDP Cassa Depositi e Prestiti,  intervened stressing the importance of venture capital in the italian and european economy for growth and sustainable development.

In collaboration with other National Promotional Institutions and CDP Equity, the CDP Group promotes the development of innovative companies and startups serving as long-term partners, in accordance with the guidelines established by the Business Plan 2016-2020.