CDP and IDB Invest together look to Latin America for opportunity

After a co-financing agreement, the institutions meet in Rome to identify new business opportunities for Italian companies

Rome November 14, 2017

CDP, in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, hosted IDB Invest to make operative the co-financing agreement signed on 13 October in the course of the World Bank and International Fund’s Annual Meetings in Washington DC.

The meeting in Rome aimed at identifying new business opportunities for Italian companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

IDB Invest, a member of the Inter-American Development Bank, is the benchmark for companies interested in investing overseas. Latin America, in particular, is a promising market for Italian exports and companies that want to grow overseas.

The collaboration with IDB Invest is part of CDP's support for Italian businesses’ aim of expanding internationally. Such an objective has been aided by the support of an Italian export and internationalization hub created by CDP by providing an access door for companies interested in seizing opportunities outside of Italy. To achieve this goal, partnership with multilateral development banks such as the IDB Group is an important step.