CDP and EIF launch new fund to transform research results into business products and services

CDP and EIF launch new fund to transform research results into business products and services

A new fund created by CDP and EIF to transform research into products and services

Following the operation to help of small and medium-sized enterprises, CDP will operate within the scope of the  Juncker Plan to support technology transfer (TT) processes. The agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF) for the launch of ITAtech Platform was signed with the aim at enhancing and transforming public scientific and technical innovations in new private enterprises with high technological content.

The initiative is part of the Juncker Plan for economic development and allows for the mobilization of resources for innovation - a fundamental pillar for Italian competitiveness. As a result of ITAtech, high-tech and innovative projects will be transformed into concerete business products, capable of transferring technology and development in the market sectors in which Italy excels.

With an initial budget of 200 million euros, provided in equal parts by CDP and EIF, the new fund serves as a bridge between the world of research and that of investors. Universities, research centers and start-ups will be able to access the funds necessary for financing the technology transfer, creating, in this way, a link between the phase of design, implementation and marketing of research results. The ultimate goal is to provide support to all the key players of the innovation ecosystem, crucial for Italy’s economic development.

With ITAtech, CDP Group is participant in the close cooperation with the EIB Group and a major player in the promotion of the greatest number of investment funds in Europe. ITAtech, specifically, is the concrete implementation of the initiatives envisaged in the Business Plan 2016-2020, in the context of helping  companies in all stages of development and growth.