Cassa Depositi e Prestiti stands with Pezzutti for the sustainable development of the planet

5 million euro loan with SACE Italy Guarantee for the green company

There will be no alternative in the long term: sustainable development will be the only option for human beings and the planet. Successfully combining growth and the environment still seems impossible for many, but this is certainly not the case for Pezzutti, a company that has been an integral part of Pordenone's entrepreneurial fabric for over 50 years.

Founded as a small injection moulding workshop in 1966, Pezzutti is now a leading supplier of moulded thermoplastic resins, specialising in the production of customised industrial components and complex assembled products, through to finished products for the consumer market. Every day, Pezzutti's business demonstrates that it is possible to do business while thinking of the future generations.

The company’s motto is "100% sustainable". It has been powered 100% by renewable energy since 2014 and recycles 3% of all plastic bottles used in Italy: 657,000 containers are recycled and given a new lease of life every day.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has decided to support Pezzutti's innovation and development projects, to strengthen its growth path with a view to sustainability and safeguarding future generations. This commitment has resulted in a 5 million euro loan agreement for 6 years, backed by the Sace Italy Guarantee.

Thanks to the funds that CDP has made available to support the country's recovery in the wake of the major epidemiological crisis, companies like Pezzutti will be able to continue along a growth path based on the virtuous concept of the circular economy.