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Capital Goods Plafond

Loan granted by CDP through the banking channel for the purchase of capital goods by companies

CDP supports the financing of SMEs through the banking channel, for the purchase or leasing of machinery, plants, capital equipment and new production equipment (ordinary investments) and the purchase or leasing of new plants, machinery and factory equipment, aimed at making investments in digital technologies and in waste tracking and weighing systems.

Who’s it for?

Micro, small and medium enterprises that operate throughout the national territory, in all productive sectors, including agriculture and fishing. Companies must be active, registered in the Business Register and comply with legal requirements.

How does it work?

  • Goods for financing: purchase or leasing of machinery, plants, equipment and capital goods, as well as investments in hardware, software and digital technologies and investments in digital technologies, waste tracking and weighing systems.
  • Borrowable amount: from a minimum of € 20,000 to a maximum of € 4,000,000 for each beneficiary SME, this can be split into several investment initiatives.
  • Duration: up to 5 years
  • Financing method: the SME submits the loan and contribution application via PEC (which can cover up to 100% of the investment cost) to one of the participating institutions. Once the contributions from MiSE have been approved, the chosen institution approves the financing, specifying if the activity is valid for the specific provision of CDP. The loan is paid to the SME in a single transaction, within 30 days of the signing of the loan contract. In the case of lease-finance, the funds are paid within 30 days of the date that the asset is delivered, or date of testing, if later.

For Capital Goods loans granted by CDP, that benefit from a public guarantee (for example, Guarantee Fund for SMEs, SACE or ISMEA ), CDP offers a specific line of funding, with capped market conditions.
The instrument provides:

  • the granting of a contribution by the MiSE, which covers part of the interest on the loans paid by the companies, in relation to the investments made. The contribution, granted directly by the MiSE to the beneficiary company on a multi-year basis or in a single solution for loans up to 100 thousand euros, is equal to the amount of interest, calculated on a conventional five-year amortisation plan, with six-monthly instalments, at an annual interest rate of:
    • a) 2.75% for ordinary investments;
    • b) 3.575% for investments in digital technologies and in waste tracking and weighing systems.
  • the possibility of benefiting from a guarantee of the Guarantee Fund for small and medium enterprises, for 80% of the amount of the loan, with priority access.

A specific agreement between CDP, Ministry of Economic Development and ABI, "CDP-ABI-MiSE Agreement (coordinated text)" can be found in the Related Documents area. This sets out the guidelines and application rules for the use of the funds.

The terms and conditions of the Loans for Capital Goods are negotiated and determined by the Lenders independently without any influence on the part of CDP.

The Lenders examine the requests and consider the possible granting of the loan, with the assumption of risk, observing the regulatory obligations deriving from or connected to the granting of the Loans for Capital Goods.

CDP Provision
Each Lender using CDP's funding must provide adequate publicity for the initiative, both in its own branches and through the paper /internet-based advertising.  Furthermore, in response to the requests made by the SMEs, the Lenders are required to inform customers of the existence and conditions of the products that make use of the CDP funding.

The Lenders guarantee access to their preliminary inquiry processes to all SMEs throughout the country of operation, without any discrimination. In principle, the final conditions applied to SMEs must take into account the cost of the funding made available by CDP, without thereby prejudicing the assessment of the conditions applied to Capital Goods Loans. In each loan agreement it must be specified that the transaction was carried out using the provision made available by the CDP, indicating its cost and its duration. Information on the origin of the supply must be repeated, as long as it exists, in all periodic communications to SMEs concerning existing loans.

The contracts relating to the Loans for Capital Goods must also expressly provide for the transfer as guarantee of the credits in favour of CDP.

How to apply

At the Ministry of Economic Development
At participating banks and financial intermediaries (see list in the "Related documents" section)


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