Capital Equipment Resources: SMEs Grow With CDP

Capital Equipment Resources: SMEs Grow With CDP

CDP and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development strengthened transport company Fratelli Pasquinelli by renewing its fleet of vehicles. CDP is prepared to finance Italian-enterprise growth with a further €2 billion

Rome May 17, 2017

CDP is supporting Italian transportation company Fratelli Pasquinelli’s growth in an operation that expands the trucking company’s fleet. The €1.6 million zero-interest loan was made possible with €123,000 in financing by the Ministry of Economic Development and CDP’s Capital Equipment Resources fund.

The operation represents an important milestone for Aquasparta, Italy-based Fratelli Pasquinelli. The 55-year-old business has grown by opening branches in Italy Milan and Latina, and companies in Benelux and Romania.

Fratelli Pasquinelli’s project is just one of the over 20,000 subsidized by CDP’s €5 billion Capital Equipment Resources fund.  The fund was created to finance investments in machinery and manufacturing equipment for Italian companies. The fund’s operations, overseen by the Ministry of Economic Development, aim to boost the competitiveness of Italy’s productive system and improve access to credit for small and medium-sized businesses.

CDP, as a National Promotion Institution, is at the forefront of the initiative by making resources available in synergy with the banking and financial system. In line with the Business Plan 2016-2020, we promote the future of Italian companies.