Piattaforma Imprese | CDP

Who it is aimed at

  • SMEs (companies with less than 250 employees)
  • MIDs (companies with between 250 and 2,999 employees)
  • SME or MidCap companies who participate in a Supply Chain or Business Network
  • Networks of Companies with legal status

How it works?

The Enterprises Platform Fund groups together three distinct funds into one organic tool. This is dedicated to enabling access to credit from various business sectors, with the aim of encouraging a greater flow of resources in the medium-long term. CDP’s resources are delivered through the banking channel.
The Funds within the Enterprises Platform Fund are:

  • SME Fund
    The SME Fund, amounting to 5,984 million euros, is intended for financing investments, to be implemented or in progress, and to increase the working capital of SMEs.
  • Companies operating in Italy with less than 250 employees, full-time equivalents, may use the Fund, regardless of turnover and balance sheet assets, according to the definition of SME specified in the agreement.
  • MID Fund
    The MID Fund, amounting to 3,500 million euros, is intended for financing investments, to be implemented or in progress, and to increase the working capital of Mid Cap companies, with between 250 and 2,999 employees
  • Network and Supply Chain Fund
    The Network and Supply Chain Fund, amounting to 500 million euros, is intended to finance investments, including those in progress, and to activities aimed at increasing the working capital of SMEs or MID business network companies or companies in the SME or MID supply chain.
    Loans can be granted through the Fund:
    • To “Network Companies”, SMEs or MID Companies operating in Italy that participate in a Business Network;
    • To “Companies in the Supply Chain”, SMEs or MID companies operating in Italy participating in a "supply chain";
    • To “Networks”, Business Networks with legal status that fit the requirements of a SME or MID Company indicated in the definitions of “SME” and “MID Company” in the agreement.

The "SME", "MID" and "Networks and Supply Chains" Funds under the Business Platform are also eligible for financial support from the EIB, as indicated by CDP on the "Economic Terms and Conditions" page of the individual Funds. The improvement in lending conditions and the financial benefit resulting from the use of EIB funding will be reflected in the terms and conditions applied to the loans granted to beneficiary companies. 

For EIB funding use: 

  • financing contracts between companies and banks will contain specific clauses to ascertain the existence of the requirements laid down by the EIB for investment financing;
  • beneficiary companies will be able to benefit from financing through the above-mentioned Funds if they operate in one of the "eligible" economic sectors in the NACE Codes table and comply the provisions of the previous point.

How to apply

At one of the participating banks 

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